The Mystical art of Marko Stout

The Mystical art of Marko Stout

When a doctor in medicine and metaphysics decides to trade a physician career for art one can expect a post-expressionist abstract style. Using universal archetypes and dream symbols the New York City artist Marko Stout analyzes the human condition and the mind-body experience through vibrant acrylic on canvas paintings. Opposing to Descartes' philosophy of Cartesian dualism Marko Stout believes in a lively universe where everything is interconnected all the more so the mind and the material body. The artist describes his innovative art as taking part of the “academic visionary" movement which aims at better understanding the human experience and the fundamental nature in the universe.

art of Marko Stout

Using Jungian principles the artist links human physiology with psychological symbols through a vivid color palette. When in California Marko started using acrylics that lead to his vibrant abstract style, his color picks are careful and meaningful, bold red indicates all things intense and passionate, heavy black is applied to show mystery, restlessness, remorse and decay while frequent use of yellow symbolizes optimism, enlightenment as well as dishonesty, cowardice, betrayal and jealousy. Whereas white often illustrates coldness, clinical sterility, reverence, purity, conflict resolution or even just simplicity.

You will be able to admire Dr. Stout’s abstract art in person if you will attend the artist’s upcoming NYC Exhibit, "The Cave" scheduled for fall 2011. The exhibit aims at providing the observer with a unique spiritual experience. Following Plato’s philosophy “The Cave” is a scenario in which people take illusions to be real and vice versa. It is an artistic metaphor for our limitations in thought and senses, as our human experience is limited by our captivity within a physical body; for that reason the attempt to fully understand the universe through myth, religions and even scientific methodology is impossible.

1. Wonderful posting, I love the

Wonderful posting, I love the ingenious art of Marko Stout. I love all the psychological implications of his paintings. I've been following him on the internet for a while and would love to see one of his paintings in person. They must be remarkable up close. Im now following on his facebook fan page and find it very interesting.

2. The article should be titled

The article should be titled "Genius Never Sleeps". I just saw a few of his painting in an Atlanta gallery; I believe they were some of his earlier works. But they show amazing talent and skill. Truly one of the most underrated of our current great American modern artists.

3. cool art, i really love his

cool art, i really love his new stuff, much more abstract and cool looking. very modern like our generations andy worol or picasso. he has a wild imagination and really sees things on a more deep leave. i wish i cold paint like mako and have his gift. totally the best artist alive today.

4. I was just introduced to

I was just introduced to Marko Stout. His subjects and art are philosophical and spiritual. Marko's works are abstract and reveal a range of emotions that are at times rational and can also be irrational, It's very much left open to the interpretations of the viewer. I plan to view "The Cave" exhibit when it opens here in New York City.

5. Marko Stout is a contemporary

Marko Stout is a contemporary New York City artist who uses universal archetypes, symbolism and collective unconscious imagery to examine the human condition and the mind-body experience. ilike it

6. He uses of form, colors and

He uses of form, colors and images very well. I'm lookin forward to his solo show in SOHO next fall, it should be very impressive and the new works he is planning for the show to exhibit larger mixed and acyclic/oil paintings.

7. I agree! Wonderful paintings,

I agree! Wonderful paintings, this is what I really love about modern art, the paintings that make you see more about the world around you. You should check out his webpage it has lots of very interesting stuff.

8. I love the abstract art and

I love the abstract art and colors that really express so much passion in these paintings. What a very talented artist!

9. ... i went to moma last year

... i went to moma last year and i think his work should be in the modern art museum. it's very abstract and very passionate... a lot of thought goes into these paintings... i'm also a fan and would love to see these paintings in person.

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